i am met

Hey! I'm Erin and I'm 17 from Australia!

I am a Jesus freak and a huge fan of Les Miserables, Starkid, 5SOS, One Direction, Harry Potter, Youtubers, and Disney!
I may or may not have a tiny crush on Aaron Tveit...

Oh, I also like food. And sleep. And reading. Yeah

Hope you enjoy my blog!


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"yeah, everything’s fine, i just tucked your kid into bed. but can i cover up the clown statue in the corner? it’s freaking me out"

"what? we dont have a kid. take our clown statue and get out of the house right now"

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we should start a new social movement called ‘equalism’ and it’s essentially exactly the same as feminism but with a new name to confuse the patriarchy 

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i just really want a musical where theres one character who doesnt know how any of the songs go


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Concerts are such a surreal experience, I mean, you’re singing your favorite songs with a band or singer that means the world to you and you’re literally in the same room as them. I will never stop loving concerts.

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ok I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this but I keep thinking about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and how the best character in the whole story is only briefly mentioned. We’re given such limited amount of information about the guy that sells Jack the beans. essentially:

  • This guy has access to MAGIC BEANS
  • He either has NO USE for MAGIC BEANS or so many of them that he can just dispose of them
  • He really badly wants a cow

Why is the whole story not about this guy

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My Favorite Quotes From Them 💀🚀

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how do astronauts say they’re sorry?

they apollo-gize!!

We dont apologize.

we are perfect.

nasa i know of at least 2 exploded spaceships that beg to differ

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